PrintMission Statement: 

 The Palestinian American Coalition’s mission is to maintain stronger ties within the Palestinian-American community and safeguard it’s cultural inheritance through activities, programs and projects designed to engage the American public about the true story of Palestine and the occupation, and to garner sufficient support to advance the collective interest of all Palestinians who desire peace through justice.

Our Purpose:

Palestinian-American Coalition is an association of Palestinians and their respective organizations united in a common effort to perpetuate stronger ties among each other and with their American community.  This Coalition plans for and implements a day of cultural celebrations called “Palestine Cultural Day”  and dedicate the proceeds to extending humanitarian assistance to their Palestinian community in the Diaspora and in their homeland of Palestine.

The Palestinian-American Coalition, also know as PAC, is made up of eight different organizations which include, Biet Hanina Association, Bethlehem Association, Birzeit Society, Jifna Association, Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), Ramallah Club of San Francisco (RCSF), Siris Association, and The Zaytooneh Club.