Congratulations to the new board for 2019!
President – Afif Baba
Vice President – Nader Musleh
Treasurer – Wayne Mufarreh
Secretary – Samar Musleh
Board Members:  Eyad Musa, Najwa Baba, George Totah, Marwan Nasrah, Michael Alaraj, Tina Shamieh
Men’s Funtaza:  Wayne Mufarreh
Youth Group Advisors:  Jeff Janet, Jeena Jajeh
Palestine Day Food Committee:  PAC-SF
Family Bingo Nights:
Business and Young Adults Professional Network/ Mixers:  Michael Alaraj, Dahlia Nasrah, Jacklyn and Julianna Jajeh, Jake Shamieh
Hathihe Ramallah Correspondent:  Najwa Baba

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or new ideas please contact any of the above people.

Looking forward to working with all of you!