In May of 2015, a medical mission to Palestine was completed under the direction of both The AFRP, PFP, and Heart of Mercy International for the 3nd time. Volunteer teams included physicians, para-medical professionals, and support staff, all of whom assisted in carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of donated equipment and supplies to west Bank Hospitals and the 40 Foot truck full of medical equipment that arrived from Jordan, all were instrumental in the great and many successes of the mission.

As in past missions, the overarching purpose was to bring a new level of training, education, and awareness to the Palestine health care system. The Ministry of Health was outstanding in their cooperation with our efforts, and we expect to enjoy even greater support from the new Minister of Health in future missions. Some highlights from this mission include:
+ Support and training for the burn unit at Rafida Hospital in Nablus by a team of plastic surgeons and physical therapists
+ ACLS courses and pulmonary clinics for nursing students at Ramallah Hospital by a critical care/pulmonary medicine specialist and critical care nurse practitioner
+ Ultrasound training and evaluation of the trauma care system by an emergency medicine specialist
+ Neurology clinics/ Saminars for Patient Safty
+ Cardiovascular care and training including instruction in off-pump heart surgery, vascular surgery,and endovascular surgery by a cardiovascular surgeon and nurse.
In order to realize our full potential as Palestinians, we must first and foremost make every effort to safeguard the good health of our people living in the West Bank, and the Federation is an invaluable resource of motivated, forward-thinking members who can work towards this end. This mission built on the excellent work of missions before, and it is our hope that future missions will continue this important program. Everyone can help in this effort!

Steps you can take to get involved:
+ Join us! Volunteer to come along on the next mission as a physician, nurse, aide, support staff, or offer any other service you can to the team
+ Donate! We are always accepting financial donations as well as medical equipment and supplies, including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, surgical tools, hospital equipment, and imaging machines
+ Spread the word! Please consider passing this information along to your friends and family who may be interested in getting involved
If you are interested in obtaining more information about this mission or future missions, please contact Dr. Rajai Khoury, M.D., Dr. Maj